rebecca tuska dance in flight pepperdine
Rebecca Tuska, Artist, Dancer and Medical Intern at UCLA



Becca graduated as a Valedictorian of Legend H.S., Parker, CO, in May 2018.  She had wanted to go to Pepperdine University, and when she earned the both academic and art scholarships to make that happen, she packed her bags and never looked back.  She is a sports medicine major with a minor in art and minor in social work for medical professionals.  The road has not been easy, spending much of her time in hospitals.  Doctors would tell her she may not graduate, may not attend college, and may need to change her scope of life dreams altogether.  Still, she is resilient.  She chose to beat the odds.  She often reads stories of other going on "palliative care" like she is, but for her it is a temporary lifeline, not her true life's plan.  Nothing stops her, and she never gives up! 


What perhaps stands out to most that know her story is how she pushed herself to learn to walk again, and when she could no longer dance, she pushed herself to find new hopes and dreams through her ART as a sculptor.  She found she had the same gift of her Grandfather, American Artist John Tuska.  Becca began sculpting during her sophomore year of high school when she accidently got placed in a ceramics/clay class.  Her teacher, Mr. Thorton, allowed her to "create" and mentored her to where she is today.  Becca could have walked in a very different path through her struggles.  She is brave, and reminds us all you can always discover something new, even if you have to take a different path. 

She was the recipient of 4 Gold Keys in the State of Colorado, and the Art Student of the Year at Graduation.  She recently won the 2018 National Scholastic Art Awards Portfolio Scholarship, where her work was displayed in New York.  


Below are some of her sculptures.

The good news is she began dancing again of very recent.  We look forward to sharing photos of her from "Dance in Flight" the dance company at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.  For a young lady that had to relearn to walk again, to now be dancing again, she is truly living.  No matter what the condition, always believe you can do anything you set your mind to doing!



















Becca gets up each day with the plan to "be the best you can be TODAY."  Becca CHOSE to free herself from harboring sadness and suffering from her illness.   This is why we say "SHE WHO IS BRAVE IS FREE."